Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween Palmer Style

This year was so much fun.  We had a lot of parties which I love (linc, not so much).  Bella was our cute little pumpkin.  I really wanted to make her a princess dress but I decided I would wait until she enjoys playing dress up.
Logan really wanted to be Link from Zelda.  After I told him no a million times he finally talked me into making him the costume (I know, I'm a sucker).  But he was so happy and LOVED it so much that it was so worth it.
London got a Optimus Prime costume from my mom for his birthday.  He is always a hoot to take pictures of, if you can't tell.
Liam was our little cowboy riding his horse.  We borrowed this from our friend.  He was so funny to watch walk around.  He was having the hardest time with that horse.  Lots of laughs.

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